Time Management – how to get at least an extra half a day every week

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Time is one of the most sought after commodities in any business or in life in general. There are lots of time management courses out there but invariably they involve complicated matrix, grafts and all sorts of tools that probably take more time to implement and so leave you feeling like you have even less time than when you started.

In this video Mark shows a very simple priority management tool which will help you get more structure to your week and your day and if you follow the process you will find hours that you never thought you had.

The video is practical, hands-on and designed to give you back some time immediately by understanding the difference between Positive and Negative time, how to handle Negative time, how to batch and how to deal with interruptions.

This video will set you up so that you have time to complete all of the exercises and information in the rest of the program.