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By Caroline Creedon

3 Steps to Follow Every “Yes”

As business owners, we’re also seeking a reliable way to help our clients feel secure working with us. Typically, every client goes through a journey that begins the moment they become a prospect. Throughout that journey, there are a series of checkpoints you need to hit to ensure they’re satisfied. Now it’s all too easy to get distracted by the simple goal of making a sale, but in reality, that client journey needs so much more than just a sales pitch.


Where we often go wrong is giving up once we’ve made the sale. As soon as someone says “yes,” we think our job is done. WRONG.

Once you’ve earned that satisfying “yes,” there are 3 critical next steps you need to take with your client to move them along that journey.

Now before I give you those 3 steps, let me just remind you that making a sale is not simply about signing a contract or making a transaction, it’s about building a relationship with a client that involves trust, respect, and reliability. No prospective client is going to come along on your journey if they don’t trust you. Okay, here we go.goals

  • Step 1: Show value.

Drive the point home that whatever it is they’ve just said “yes” to is really going to bring value to their life, in as many ways as you can. Reiterate the promise you made in your sales pitch and remind them of the impact your product or service will have in the grand scheme.

  • Step 2: Tell them what’s next.

Preframe the client journey with whatever’s in store for them next. For instance, they might sign on for an initial product or service, but where are the opportunities to go a little further? Is there an upgrade in their future, or a subscription or membership you can offer them? What’s going to take that initial sign-up to the next level?

  • Step 3: Deliver and delight.

Follow through on your promise and do it well.

Now, you have the 3 magic steps. But you may be wondering what’s the point of all this? Making the sale is where the money’s at.

True in one sense, but take a step back and look at the bigger picture. A client who really buys into you and your business overall (not just your product or service) is going to bring in a lot more value than the initial “yes” on its own.

The key to making these 3 magic steps work for you is to remove any buyer’s remorse before it begins and seek out opportunities to reinstill that sense of value throughout the client journey.

Together, every “yes” you get will be full steam ahead.

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