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By Caroline Creedon

Converting with Video with Nick Creedon

Are your videos making sales?

The hard truth is that so much of the video content we put out simply isn’t converting, but I sat down with video content expert Nick Creedon to bring you pro tips on how to make all your videos work.

A good piece of video content is going to get people off the fence and onto the first stage of your client journey. Not only can videos help educate new leads, it can turn them into raving fans.

The first key takeaway to creating effective videos is that the less cinematic or “profesional” they are, the stronger they are. This probably sounds counterintuitive, but the truth is, people connect with people. Authenticity sells, so show up in your videos as your true self. Aim for a conversational approach and show your audience that you’re relatable and trustworthy.

The next takeaway is to consider using videos in one-on-one situations. For instance, rather than replying to an enquiry email, film a quick video reply instead.

This is a fast and easy way to get your message across to one person and establish a connection that has a substantial impact, far more so than an email or text message.

One problem a lot of business owners face is coming across a little too “salesy,” especially in their video content. There’s nothing more off-putting than someone who’s obviously just in it for the money. Effective videos take a more casual approach, just like you would with an in-person chat. It’s all about building trust and investing in the relationship rather than the sale.

When you send someone a video, it shows them that you’re 100% invested in answering their questions and building that relationship. It shows that you’re going the extra mile to earn their trust, and that holds major value when it comes to choosing you over any competitor.

The next key takeaway to remember is that the worse you are, the better the video will be. What I mean by that is don’t sweat the small stuff. If you trip over a word or lose your train of thought, roll with it just as you would in a real-life chat.

Now I know this might sound intimidating. Just remember – you’ve got the knowledge and expertise to solve a problem in their life. You’re doing them a favour by sharing that with them, and whatever product service you’re offering, it’s about to change their life for the better.

So you’re ready to hit “reply” to the exciting new enquiry that’s been sitting in your inbox, but instead of a boring old email response, you’re going to send through a personalised video response. Here are five core principles to help you get started:

  • Make it about them.

Demonstrate why you think your product or service is relevant for them. Maybe they shared a personal anecdote with you, maybe you heard them complain about a problem in their supply chain. Maybe it’s something as simple as something you read on their website. Whatever it is, show them you’ve done your homework and you’re talking to them for a good reason.

  • Be honest.

Contextualise the video and talk to them person-to-person. You might even say “the reason I’m sending you this video is because I have [the thing] that I think would be perfect for you… [and here’s why.]”

  • Don’t pitch.

Keep it short and sweet. This is a casual conversation, not a tupperware party. Share the information, don’t sell it.

  • Keep it amateur.

Be intentional and open about what you’re doing. Consider your background and keep it authentic. If you’re looking at your notes, tell them. If you’re in your car, acknowledge it. (Tip: Avoid busy/distracting settings like shopping malls or parking lots that make it seem like you’re preoccupied.)

  • Maintain exclusivity.

Remind them that you’re taking time out of your day to get your message to them for an urgent and important reason. We want them to feel a real connection and to understand that their time is really important to you. Ultimately, you want to tailor the why to them specifically.delegate

Now, the cherry on top of it all. Wrap it up with one key takeaway.

This should include a firm next step and a call to action with some sense of urgency. Ideally, in the wrap-up, you want to…

  1. Remind them that you reached out to them first because they’re the right person for this product or service,
  2. Let them know that there are other people after the same thing, and
  3. Tell them how they can take advantage right now.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re leaving them with an exclusive opportunity, not just another thing to spend money on.

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