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By Mark Creedon

Getting Shit Done with Accountability Guru Darren Finkelstein

Imagine this: What if you actually nailed every goal you set your sights on? 

Well, my friend, that’s where the magic of accountability comes into play, and trust me, it’s a superpower worth tapping into.

I recently had a chat with accountability guru, Darren Finkelstein, and he brought some golden wisdom to help boost your accountability game.

First, what does accountability even mean? It’s not just about fessing up when things go haywire; it’s about willingly taking responsibility and being transparent. Think of it as your own personal superhero cape.

When leaders dodge accountability, it’s like dropping a wrecking ball on teamwork. How can others count on you if you can’t rely on yourself?

Eager to hear a true story about a life-changing lack of accountability? Darren’s journey at Apple is a real eye-opener and it’s all included in his book The Accountability Advantage.

Here’s a stat that’ll make your eyebrows raise: You’ve got a lousy 10% shot at nailing a goal when it’s just an idea. But that chance shoots up to a solid 40% when you slap a deadline on it! Yeah, deadlines are like rocket fuel for success.

Want to give your goal a 50-50 chance? Get a plan in place! It’s not just about the end goal, it’s about knowing the journey that’ll get you there.

This is where things get a little juicier. Your goal’s success rate soars to a dazzling 65% the moment you spill the beans. So tell anyone, tell everyone!

But wait, there’s more! When you make a rock-solid accountability appointment with someone, that success rate skyrockets to a jaw-dropping 95%. You need someone who’s going to call you out when you’re slacking and celebrate when you’re winning. Remember, you can’t achieve your goals alone.

So starting now, no more excuses, no blame games, and definitely no finger-pointing. It’s time to start learning from slip-ups and committing to progress. At the end of the day, being an accountable leader builds trust, respect, and a team focused on solutions, not scapegoats.

Still, that pesky 5% chance of not reaching your goal lingers. But guess what? There are only 7 reasons for that, and we’ve got the solutions for each:


  1. Overwhelm? Beat it with a quick win.
  2. Feeling over-ambitious? Learn to say no, and prioritise!
  3. Lack of planning? Reverse engineer your goals.
  4. Past problems? Focus on learnings, not let-downs.
  5. No starting point? Break it down into baby steps.
  6. No big reason? Find your purpose in the bigger picture.
  7. No one cares? Get an accountability buddy, pronto!

So, here’s the deal: Your odds of achieving your goals go through the roof when you’ve got a wing-person to keep you on track.

Ready to level up as a leader? It’s time to embrace accountability like a boss!

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Mark Creedon

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