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By Caroline Creedon

The Pirate Method Activating Your Clients

What Do Pirates Say?


Attract. Activate. Retain. Referrals. Revenue.

The Pirate Method.

If you’ve been keeping up with our articles, you’ll know we’ve spoken a lot recently about understanding and connecting with our ideal target audience. (If you haven’t, check out our article on targeting your message.)Essentially, what we’ve been doing is working on various ways to attract our dream clients to our business.

Now, it’s time for us to focus on activating those clients, getting them to take the next step with us.



So once you’ve got people interested in your business, how do you onboard them and get them to the point where not only do they want to start working with you, but they love you that much that they want to stick around.

There’s a simple 3-step process to bring potential leads to the next level. Here is it:

Step 1: Attract them not just to your business, but to everything you can offer.

Step 2: Build a relationship with them.

Step 3: Invite them into your world

This third step is crucial to building a lasting relationship, and it’s what we’re going to dive into first.

Think of it this way. Imagine you met your dream mentor. Someone you idolize and who inspires you every day. You want to know everything about them, from what they do every morning when they wake up to what they eat for breakfast to their favorite color, and soon.

Now think of your dream clients in the same way. You need to know everything you possibly can about them, and on the same token, they need to know everything they can about you. If it’s going to be a mutually beneficial relationship, it needs to be balanced.

You might be thinking you already do that when you initially meet someone. But, if we don’t have a process in place for something, we can’t replicate it, and we can’t guarantee it.


There needs to be a process for the two of you to get to know each other, and what you’ll gain from this is clients who are raving fans from early in the relationship. Take the time to get to know them in a way that doesn’t feel like they’re trying to be sold on anything. When you put the legwork in during the early days of bringing on a new client, you’re telling them right off that bat that you value them, that you want them to be a part of your world, and that you’re committed to their satisfaction because you understand their needs on a large scale.

The important takeaway here is that when you have an activation process in place, you earn your clients’ excitement and loyalty early on, which not only means they become fans, likely to recommend you to their peers, and that they’ll likely stick around for a long, but it also gives you a sort of leeway that you wouldn’t have otherwise. If people learn to love you right away, they become more willing to be flexible when you need them to.

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