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By Caroline Creedon

Facebook Ads with Andrej Brummer

I sat down with Facebook marketing specialist Andrej Brummer to get all the ins-and-outs of tailoring your Facebook marketing plan to suit your target market.

Coming into Facebook advertising with a preconceived idea of what your marketing should look like and how it should be packaged is one of the biggest mistakes businesses can make. Facebook marketing is all about putting different sorts of content out there than following the data. As long as you’re always learning, you’re constantly refining your messaging, and eventually, you’re going to be able to tailor every single ad to the right audience.

When you’re getting started, the key is to shoot off a bunch of different content to a range of audiences to find out what’s working and what isn’t.

So it might start out feeling a little messy, but that’s okay. It takes time and effort to find out what the market wants, and once you do, you can really easily capitalize on it using Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are super simple to execute and they’re fairly low-risk. It’s more than likely you can get started with content you already have just by making a few simple tweaks.

They’re also totally scalable, so you decide what your budget is and it can change with every output. One week you might have a spare $50 in your back pocket. Why not throw it into a Facebook ad and see if it floats? If it does, that’s fantastic and you can keep running it knowing it’ll be a success. If it doesn’t, well you’ve gained some new insights about your target market.

Let’s kick things off with an overview of how Facebook advertising actually works. At the base of everything is your business page, which acts as the sort of engine for your entire Facebook marketing strategy. It’s worth noting that this page represents your brand and it’s, therefore, crucial to keep it consistent and professional. Don’t make the mistake of using your personal profile to promote your business!team-management

Ideally, every Facebook marketing campaign should be targeting four different audiences at once. These might be categorized by geography, interests, search habits, or even “look-alike” segmentation, which is when you input all your existing customers and Facebook uses squillions of data points to automatically generate an entire audience that “look like” those customers.

These audiences can be tailored in a layering process to really narrow in on your target. The more specifically you can show the algorithm who you’re looking for, the more accurate your audiences will be.

So you get the gist of it. Now it’s time to consider what sort of ad strategies will be most effective.

One of the best organic Facebook marketing strategies right now is to go “live” on your Facebook page for about 2 minutes once a week. Come up with some content that’s both engaging and valuable to your ideal customer, and be sure you include a clear call to action.

If you do this consistently, you’ll start to notice results after about 30 days as the platform starts noticing you and pushing your content out to more people. The more you go live, the more people you’re put in front of.

Retargeting is another big part of successful Facebook advertising. Putting content out there that caters to your warm market and existing leads is a hugely impactful conversion tactic, so make sure you are entering those existing leads and customers into the platform when you’re setting up your ad content (using “look-alike” targeting). Psst… this also helps prevent wasting your money sending out ads to people who have already interacted with them and are on their way to working with you, if not there already.

Now, when you’re preparing Facebook ads, like any marketing tactic, you need to get into the head of your customer avatar. Make sure you’re pushing content that ticks all three of the following boxes:

  • Introduce the benefits;
  • Agitate and amplify the problem; and
  • Demonstrate how you can solve that problem.

One hot content tip is to start your Facebook advertising plan with a free offer or giveaway. Whether it’s a downloadable PDF or a sample product (or something else that’s high value but low cost), it’ll be a great way to bring people in and immediately start your retargeting strategy.

These days, successful marketing content also reveals the people behind a brand. Don’t shy away from sharing your backstory. Instead, keep it front and centre. On top of those three elements of good content, sprinkle in some bits and pieces that’ll feel relatable to the people you’re targeting.


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