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By Castos

Your Success Thermostat and Your Message

Where is your “success thermostat” set? Do you ever wonder if there’s more to achieve, but just aren’t sure where to start? This episode dives deep into the mindset shifts and goal-setting strategies that will take you from “as good as it gets” to exceeding your wildest dreams. Learn how to find your ideal clients, craft a powerful message, and surround yourself with the right people to explode your success. Metropole Mastermind will equip you with the tools and support to reach your ultimate potential. Tune in and get ready to crank up the thermostat on your success!

The Mastermind for Business podcast is powered by Business Accelerator Mastermind, a coaching program that helps service business owners and professionals double their revenue whilst halving their time in the business. Each week, Mark Creedon, a Business Coach at Business Accelerator Mastermind, speaks with some of the best business minds in the world and shares simple, practical steps you can take to create the business you always wanted.

About Business Accelerator Mastermind

Business Accelerator Mastermind is a hands on practical program aimed at driving results fast. Spearheaded by Mark and Caroline Creedon and a range of highly qualified experts, the program will give you back the freedom you hoped for when you first started your business or professional practice. With his coaching program, Business Accelerator Mastermind, Mark helps business owners maximize their time, set and achieve goals, while remaining accountable.

In today’s podcast Mark explores:

  • Where is your “thermostat” set?
  • If you are the most successful person in your group, you’re in the wrong group
  • Think about your mindset, do you believe “this is as good as it gets”?
  • Setting “stretch goals” and SMART goals
  • How close are you to your “goal level” right now?
  • Finding mentors and like-minded groups
  • Finding your ideal client and your message
  • Six steps to your brand or business messaging
  • Metropole Mastermind can help you with all these steps
  • If you know someone who could benefit, share this podcast with them


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