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By Mark Creedon

The Power of a chat

Several years ago, I was talking with Caroline about getting a new coach. I felt that I had outgrown my coach then and was on the hunt for a mentor at the next level.

I was looking for someone who had experienced the highs of phenomenal success, but also the Lows of failure.

I had just finished reading Bob Ansett’s book on his experience as the CVEO of Budget Rent a Car.

What I want is someone like Bob!” I exclaimed as Caroline and I were working through a list of possible options.

Being ever practical, Caroline’s first response was to simply call Bob and ask him.

Well, that won’t work”, was my response. “Why would someone of Bob’s experience just take a call from me?



Figuring that I had little to lose and lots to gain I looked him up on Google, found an email address, and sent him an email to see if he would be interested in mentoring me.

Bob replied very quickly but courteously told me he really didn’t mentor anyone. I have to say my heart sank a little at first but as I read on, he told me that if I came to his house at 10 am the following Friday he would spend some time with me.

Wow! I was a bit flabbergasted but also very honoured and of course, I dutifully attended that 10 am meeting and loved the wisdom he so generously shared with me.

What led from there is a very clear picture of what I needed to do to improve my business and it surprisingly wasn’t about me.

Bob showed me how creating an even greater focus on what I was delivering and how I was helping my clients would bring me the growth I was seeking.

I stopped looking at how I could change the format of my coaching or how I could add ‘whistles and bells ‘and instead focused simply on how to deliver greater value.

The focus that came from that session (and the few more Bob very generously gave me) helped me to focus on exactly what my business needed.

In turn, it helped me to get clarity on the type of coach I needed going forward. I didn’t need a coach to show me business structures and complicated systems.

What I needed was someone to help me live in my genius, helping business owners and professionals to scale themselves out of the day-to-day operations of their business.

Suddenly I had more clarity than I had for some time, and I was able to start to take my focus inwards to my own business and practice the very things I coached.

Those sessions led me to find Jack Harding as a coach and that coaching helped me to double my fees and triple my income.

And those are the very things I coach my Mastermind clients on to this day.

Sometimes all it takes is a chat. A chat with someone who has walked that path before you and gives you the clarity you need to take your business to the next level.

When reflecting on my chat with Bob and how it started a domino effect of positive change in my business, I wanted to see how I could do the same for others.

I have already helped hundreds of successful business owners and professionals find their groove and scale their business so that it is truly a business and not just a job.

Maybe you are ready to take that step, but maybe you are still not sure. Perhaps what you need is a chat, as my chat with Bob.

Look around you and see who you admire and reach out to see if they can spend some time with you.

Ask other business owners who have trodden the paths of success and failure if they can have a chat.

The big lesson is to reach out. Business and professional practice can be incredibly lonely and having someone to bounce ideas with will be invaluable.

Sometimes we just don’t know anyone to chat with or the thought of reaching out to strangers in the hope they may say yes is too daunting.

That’s why I have decided to open my calendar for a few business owners and professionals to have a “Bob Ansett’ style chat with me. Like my chat with Bob, there is no cost, it is just my way of putting back into the business community, the backbone of Australia.

If you think a ‘chat;’ would really help you go to and book your chat. It’s a pretty special offer, something my Mastermind members pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to access.

Spaces are limited so don’t hesitate; it is a first come first served basis.

When you’re ready to build a business, not just a job, we’re here to help you

  • Do you know you’re ready for more, but tired of wondering how you’re going to grow your business?
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Here are 4 ways we can help you:

  1. Grab a copy of a white paper I recently wrote: “The top 5 reasons why you need to join a Mastermind Group NOW” – click here to download it.
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  4. Work with me and my team privately. If you would like to work directly with me and my team to take your business to a Level 3 Business… Just send a message to [email protected] and put the work “Private” in the subject line.

Mark Creedon

Mark Creedon is the founder of Business Accelerator mastermind by Metropole and business coach to some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs – helping them build a true business, not a job.

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