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By Castos

Stop People Interrupting You

How do you respond when a colleague asks, “Have you got a minute?” If you don’t train your co-workers to value your time, they won’t. If you are constantly allowing yourself to be interrupted by other people, Mark shows you three simple tricks to stop that in its tracks. You’ll be able to get more time for yourself while still helping those around you on a schedule that works for you.

The Mastermind for Business podcast is powered by Business Accelerator Mastermind, a coaching program that helps service business owners and professionals double their revenue whilst halving their time in the business. Each week, Mark Creedon, a Business Coach at Business Accelerator Mastermind, speaks with some of the best business minds in the world and shares simple, practical steps you can take to create the business you always wanted. 

About Business Accelerator Mastermind

Business Accelerator Mastermind is a hands-on practical program aimed at driving results fast. Spearheaded by Mark and Caroline Creedon and a range of highly qualified experts, the program will give you back the freedom you hoped for when you first started your business or professional practice. With his coaching program, Business Accelerator Mastermind, Mark helps business owners maximize their time, set and achieve goals, while remaining accountable.

In today’s podcast, Mark explores:

  • Today’s episode – ways to prevent interruptions
  • 3 responses to “Have you got a minute?” 
  • No one will value your time unless you value your time
  • 4 helpful directional questions to ask in longer meetings
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