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By Caroline Creedon

Creedon Socials with Nick Creedon

Social media is a fantastic business tool, and with so much at our fingertips, it can be tricky trying to navigate which platforms to use and which types of content work best. Video content expert Nick Creedon has helped come up with some really strong tips on creating effective videos for your socials. Specifically, we’re talking short, 2-3 minute videos that engage your audience and build authority. Nick’s wisdom is also tailored to help you feel a little more natural and authentic when you’re filming.

Quick disclaimer: No video you film as a beginner will come out as polished as you may want it to be. It takes practice.


The hardest part about getting started with creating video content is building up your camera confidence, so this article is going to focus on getting the foundations right so you can generate consistently captivating content on your own.

Nick shared a cheat sheet with us a little while back to create killer content every time and it essentially comes down to three key strategies for the perfect video flow:

  1. Lead with a hook.
  2. Stealthy product placement.
  3. Teach.
  4. Call to action.

If you missed out on what this flow formula looks like, have a quick read of this article on Video Flow to help you nail each video you film.

Now that you’ve got the formula down, let’s talk about building camera confidence. 

There are essentially three big things you can do to help you build your confidence.

  • Map out your message.

Keep notes on hand that keeps you on track, so you don’t miss important points. These also help reassure you as you make your way through everything you want to say. Note that this is not a script, rather, it’s a point-form flow of reminders. Trying to follow a script will make you seem robotic and unreliable.

  • Fix nerves with service.

A major hurdle people face when filming video content is straight-up nerves. A great way to overcome this is to take the focus off yourself. A great tactic is to pretend you’re talking to someone you know will find value in what you’re saying. Pretend you’re speaking directly to this one person, not to an audience of strangers. This immediately takes the pressure off and helps you come across supernaturally in the video.

  • Turn it up.

This is all about energy. The biggest roadblock people have is that they lack the energy to deliver the incredible content they have to share. You don’t have to be Tony Robbins to turn up your energy. Find out what works best for you, where you feel your absolute best, whether it’s a context for speaking (a personal chat, a stage presentation, a video call?) or an actual room in your house.

Hot tip: Some things are taught, and some things are caught. You can have all the valuable information in the world but if you can’t deliver contagious energy or an engaging atmosphere, the information gets lost.

Now I know this can be easier said than done, so are you ready for some tips on how to turn up your energy? Let’s get into it.

  • Get out of your own head.

Show up in the right state. Getting into the right mindset for filming content has a lot to do with how you deliver information. If you’ve ever seen The Mask with Jim Carrey, think how the mask just amplified his true nature when he put it on. We don’t want to try to mimic someone else’s energy, we simply want to turn up our own. Think of three words that describe you in your best state.

  • Consequences of missing out.

Name one person you know who would absolutely benefit from the information in your video. Consider the consequences and loss they would experience if they missed out on this valuable information. This will help you remind yourself of the favor you’re doing for people by sharing your message, and ultimately help you feel confident in delivering it.

  • Benefits of tuning

On the flip side to tip #2, remind yourself of the benefits that one person will gain from watching your video.

  • Nail the emotion.

Before you film, consider how you want your viewers to feel at the end of your video. Do you want them to feel motivated? Happy? Excited? Nervous? Are you using fear or optimism to motivate them? Write these emotions down before you film (try to narrow them down to one or two) and keep them handy as a reminder for your overall tone.

Ultimately, killer video content comes down to three foundational elements: The messaging and video flow, the intention (who you’re doing it for), and the state of mind you film in.

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