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By Castos

How to Handle the 3 Most Common Sales Objections

Psychologically there may be other reasons that potential clients express objections to purchasing your service or service-based product. Whether they object to your price, or say, “I’ll need to think about it,” – Mark explains what they’re really saying, and gives you simple responses to overcome each objection. With these tools in your team’s arsenal, you’ll be able to move past these objections and skyrocket your sales conversions.

The Mastermind for Business podcast is powered by Business Accelerator Mastermind, a coaching program that helps service business owners and professionals double their revenue whilst halving their time in the business. Each week, Mark Creedon, a Business Coach at Business Accelerator Mastermind, speaks with some of the best business minds in the world and shares simple, practical steps you can take to create the business you always wanted.

About Business Accelerator Mastermind

Business Accelerator Mastermind is a hands-on practical program aimed at driving results fast. Spearheaded by Mark and Caroline Creedon and a range of highly qualified experts, the program will give you back the freedom you hoped for when you first started your business or professional practice. With his coaching program, Business Accelerator Mastermind, Mark helps business owners maximize their time, set and achieve goals while remaining accountable.

In today’s podcast, Mark explores:

  • “Too expensive”- is actually a fear of losing money, loss aversion
  • Focus on value and transformation instead of cost
  • Are there consequences to ‘not’ purchasing your service or ‘inaction’?
  • Risk reversal – money-back guarantees
  • “It won’t work for me/my company/my industry” – don’t move too quickly, build trust
  • “Let me think about it/I need more time” – the potential client will not advance in the next 6 months
  • Showing the value and the cost of waiting
  • The best time was ‘yesterday’ – things won’t get better, use the “FOMO” or scarcity
  • Objections are actually opening the door for your sales pitch
  • With Mastermind, we’ll teach your team these skills so you don’t have to do it!
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