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By Caroline Creedon

Getting Projects to Tasks

How good is it to celebrate a big win?

Achievements are always worth celebrating, big and small. But how did we get there? Knowing exactly what we did to achieve that win means we’ll be able to build on it and even repeat it time and time again. With every win we celebrate, we should also be able to pinpoint a specific lesson we learned in getting there.

We also should understand what potential roadblocks might be between us and our goals moving forward, and how we’re going to overcome them.



So how do we do that?

Here’s a really simply 5 – step outline to help you assess all your ongoing projects and keep
track of how you move through them:delegate

Step 1: Outline the project. Give it a title and a quick overview of its purpose.

Step 2: Jot down a score out of 10 on how far along you are, with 1 being just getting started and 10 being done.

Step 3: Identify your roadblocks, both existing and potential. It’s pretty rare to get through a whole project from start to finish without hitting a single obstacle. Imagine a road trip where you never reached a red light or a bit of traffic.

Step 4: Project where the next step will get you on that 1-10 scale. If you were at a 2 last week, the next step will be to a 3 or 4.

Step 5: Define what those next steps will involve. Essentially what we’re doing here is breaking big tasks down into smaller steps. Which actions do you need to take to get you from that 2 to a 4?

After using these five steps, you should have at least one next actionable step for each of your ongoing projects. You’ve turned those bigger projects into smaller tasks that are now a series of small wins that make up the big win.

Now, here’s a really simple 3-part task you can do to help you stay focused and keep your projects on track.

To get focused, you need three components:

  1.  A clear task.
  2. Distraction-free environment
  3.  A set timeframe

When you’ve got 1 + 2, you get clarity. With 2 + 3, you get a smooth workflow. With 3 + 1, you get a bit of hustle

This is a tool you can use for yourself and your team members to help stay focused and get stuff done. Combined with our earlier 5-step outline, you’ll be able to manage multiple projects at a time, keep organized, and celebrate every win from the small steps that get you there to the ultimate hoorah when you knock it off your to-do list.


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