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Hey Tribe,

We are on the countdown till the big guy in the red suit arrives. I hope you all have appeared on his “nice” list! (Jenny Flower & Brett Warren you two have some work to do if you want to get off the “naughty” list!)

Then again, given the year that 2020 was maybe we all deserve to appear on the “naughty” list.

Tribe, December is a great month to kick over two things. Firstly, it obviously the opportunity to finish the strong and secondly it’s the only time to set yourself up for success so you can start the next year or with a huge bang.

And that’s exactly what we can help you to do.

Here is what you have to keep you on track:

But wait!

We all need to have some Christmas Cheer to wrap up 2020 so I think we should all catch up for a drink! So Monday 21st December at 4pm AEST (Brisbane time) grab a beverage of your choice ( Kombucha, wine, whisky, beer, coffee, tea ??) some snacks and lets have a laugh at 2020.

Let’s catch up on Zoom – Go to This month training with password:   Mastermind

Whilst here at Mastermind Headquarters we will be taking a short break to refresh recharge and plan some supercool things for you next year we will make sure that you continue to be supported and to provide you with great quality content that will really help you to push hard into 2021.

Over the last few months we’ve had some incredible guests in our Hot Seats so we want to refresh your memory with some of their content and then tap into that content to create three simple strategies that you can implement into your business as you start the New Year.

On January 8th at 11am AEST (Brisbane time)

This month training

We’re going to look at a few simple strategies you can implement to help you drive to industry leadership. We are going to tap into the interview I did with Phil DiBella and draw out some strategies along with a plan to implement them to help you push to that industry leadership level.

*I will get the video link to you as the replay is edited and Mark adds his amazing strategies. I will also organise the link to go onto the Facebook Tribe and you will get an email reminder before the session.

On January 15th at 11am AEST (Brisbane time)

This month training

We want to explore People Empowerment. You remember the session with Jason Everitt (remember Jason, he’s the guy who scares coffee!) Jason gave us so much in that session but I’ve pulled it apart and found just three simple strategies that you can implement in January to empower the people around you. Remember these empowerment strategies don’t have to just mean your team so if you’re at the stage where you don’t have a team yet, this session will still be absolutely invaluable to you.

*I will get the video link to you as the replay is edited and Mark adds his amazing strategies. I will also organise the link to go onto the Facebook Tribe and you will get an email reminder before the session.

On January 22nd at 11am AEST (Brisbane time)

This month training

We will turn the focus inward and examine your leadership qualities. In this session I’m going to draw on the expertise from my interview with SAS Troop Commander Mick Donaldson and give you some very simple leadership strategies so that you can compare those to how you currently lead (whether it is leading the team, leading your industry or just leading the people around you) and how you can give that a quick and simple shot in the arm. For this session and every HOT SEAT in 2021 we will be moving to Zoom.

Go to This month training  with password: Mastermind

On January 29th at 11am AEST (Brisbane time)

This month training

Mark is going to show you how to Plan Offensively. No, there will not be a lot of offensive language but there will be some aggressive and offensive planning techniques that are based on a strategy of playing to win. In this session we can focus not on how just to keep clients but have a plan and drive hard for new ones.

Again, this session will be via Zoom! Go to This month training  with Password: Mastermind

Because we want you to stay supported across December and January, we are also creating a couple of new webinars.

  • Firstly we’ll have a close look at the tools used to create your business story. In this session I will tap into the wisdom we got from Valerie Khoo and share some real-world, simple templates that you can use to create your story. This would be a great session to invite your team to help them get a very clear picture of what your business story is for the year ahead.
  • We are also going to share some simple strategies on how to get the most out of your team. We will have looked at Jason Everitt’s strategies for empowering the people around you. In this session will tap into the wisdom from Mark Beitz on how to drive your business to the next level by using the human resources around you.
  • Finally, by popular demand we going to run replays of the session we did on what dogs can teach us about business and my interview with former Australian Cricket Coach and current Brisbane Heat Big Bash League coach Darren Lehman.

Let’s make sure that we move from survive to thrive, take the time to refresh energise and motivate so we can move into the power stage in January.

Which is a nice Segway to what 2021 holds for Mastermind. We have been working over the past few weeks on some great stuff to deliver even greater value.

We have struck some pretty cool partnerships with some great experts in marketing, finance and sales training which will give you a whole bunch of new tools, templates and playbooks to make things happen for your business.

PLUS, we are completely revamping our support process and how we deliver to you so you can get help and support faster and more often.

We can’t wait to share all of these exciting developments with you in January!

2021 is going to be exciting so get ready to enjoy the ride!

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