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By Caroline Creedon

The Pirate Method

If you clicked on this article because you thought you would learn how to be the next Captain Jack, I’m sorry to have misled you. However, what you will learn is how to be the captain of your business, using what I like to call The Pirate Method.

Now, if you don’t know what I mean by what I’m talking about, you might want to take a few extra minutes to read my last article right here. But of course, you’re already here, so I’ll give you a recap anyway. The Pirate Method refers to one of my favorite acronyms, AARRR.

Attract. Activate. Retain. Referrals. Revenue.

These are the key elements of every successful business. If you did take the time to read my last article, you will have learned all about the activate stage. In other words, once you’ve got a client attracted to your business, how do you get them hooked and engaged with your world?

This article will take things one step further. Your clients are engaged, now how are you going to keep them there? How will you retain them?

Rather than being constantly on the hunt for new clients, let’s focus on what you can do now to retain clients once you’ve landed them.

Do you already have a client retention process? What does it involve? (It’s okay if you don’t, and if you do, it’s okay if it’s informal.)

I’m about to lay out 4 super simple things you can do to help with client retention.

  • Prioritize the relationship. Make them feel objectively important. For a lot of companies, this is something as simple as a card in the mail on their birthday. When you can do something for your clients that shows them time and time again that you value them (and that you haven’t forgotten about them).
  • Be responsive and proactive with communication. I often hear business owners say they ha
    ve a great open line of communication with all their clients. But sadly, what they really mean by this is that they have a sort of “open door policy”–clients reach out to them when they need something or have questions. But what shows you mean business even more than just responding to emails? Beating them to it.
  • Show transparency and own your mistakes. I will never ever advise anyone to try and sweep mistakes under the rug. Mistakes happen, we’re all human, and the most valuable mindset you can have is that every mistake is an opportunity. When you make a mistake, own up to it and find the silver lining. Usually, there’s a lesson in there that will help you improve and show your client that you’re always looking for ways to do better.
  • Master the art of reporting. It’s always better to be looking at it, than for it. In other words, your clients should never be sitting around wondering what you’re doing. Find a way to keep them up to date regularly, even when you don’t think you have anything to report. You might even have something not-so-great to report, but even sharing that with them helps build brand equity by showing the genuine nature of your business. 

Now, before you click on your next great read, think for a moment about one concrete thing you’re going to put into place in your business to do better at just one of these four things.

Whatever it is, whether it’s an annual birthday card program or a weekly newsletter, it’s going to help you keep your clients on board and satisfied, which ultimately means they’ll be more likely to refer you to others. And you know what referrals are? New leads.

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