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By Mark Creedon

7 Traits of a successful CEO

I think every business and professional practice needs a CEO.

“Hang on” I hear you say, “even a small family business?” and my answer is a resounding “YES”.

You see, the role of the CEO is to keep the business focussed and on track. The CEO is every bit like the captain of the ship.

They don’t need to be involved in the day-to-day operations, but they do need to be involved in where the business is going and how it gets there.

Every business, even the smallest one, has to have a Captain, someone who is responsible for setting and navigating toward the goals.

I recently read a great article from Forbes where they set out a series of traits of a good CEO.

Have a look at my selection here and ask yourself whether you hold those traits.

If not, do not despair, these are traits you can work on and you can develop them over time.

Consider these top 7 I have taken from the article –

1. Passion

The best CEOs are passionate about their work. Passion derives from a strong connection to your mission, your vision, and your goals. Without that passion and connection, it can be impossible to understand a company, and how and why it’s run the way it is. If you’re not passionate, go back to understanding why you started your company and re-connect with your story. – Valerie Martinelli, Valerie Martinelli Consulting, LLC

2. Vision

To be a CEO, a person needs a vision. Think of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. They also need to be able to compellingly communicate that vision to inspire, motivate and lead others to contribute to its success. To improve or develop a vision, surround yourself with others who have big visions! – Christine Hueber, ChristineHueber.com

3. Grit and Courage

A great CEO can take ownership of the strategic direction of a company and should be able to model the vision for the company with actions, not just words. A CEO needs to possess grit, the ability to be nimble, and courage. These qualities are developed by practicing leadership, executive coaching, and feedback from employees, board members, and shareholders when applicable. – Tamiko Cuellar, Pursue Your Purpose LLC

4. Self-Confidence Tempered by Vulnerability

The higher you rise in the ranks, the more impact your every decision can have. CEOs must have the intelligence and the self-confidence to assemble the best people by their side – people who are leaders in their own right – so they can gather enough information to make informed decisions. – Sheri Nasim, Centre for Executive Excellence

5. Backbone and Heart

Potential CEOs need to work on their ability to stand their ground and speak their minds. Let’s call that backbone the willingness to say what may be considered unpopular. But you need to also add heart: the ability to stay connected even when the relationship is mired in conflict. You need to master both. – Dean Miles, Bridgepoint Coaching & Strategy Group

6. A Connection with The Culture

Vision, tenacity, passion, and grit are all critical components that make great a CEO. However, one aspect commonly overlooked is the importance of connecting with the culture, i.e., the people in the organization. Most CEOs are distant and removed from the people who make the business happen. The most impactful CEOs make a point of personally connecting with the culture to cultivate trust. – Erin Urban, UPPSolutions, LLC

7. The Mindset to Embrace Obstacles

A true CEO understands that obstacles are a part of the path. Those who are not CEO material think obstacles are the problem and believe they’re the reason why things can’t get completed or are too hard. CEOs see the obstacles as blessings and steppingstones on the path that allow them the opportunity to learn new skills, leverage situations, and have reflection time for new ideas. – Dawn Ali, Happy Rich Great Body

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Mark Creedon

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